Build a home gym for $100 with these 5 must haves!

Let’s face it. Most days we can barely find time to shower let alone make it to the gym. For some working out at home provides an easy, low cost option.

I have spent years building my home gym and quite honestly there are a few staples that I use ALL of the time…. and they cost me the least amount of money! LOL

So get ready to git fit on a budget! Here is my list of five must haves for anyone looking to fit in a quick home workout and stay on track for 2019.

Workout Bands

Bands - Cheap, easy and effective! These are also great to travel with.


A Jump rope - Hands down the best for getting the heart rate up and aiding in lymphatic drainage!

Fitlosophy Mat

A Cute Workout Mat - Find a cute inspirational one that makes you WANT to work out. This is my fave from Fitlosophy. Check it out HERE.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 4.17.25 PM.png

A Set of Weights - I would get a light set 5-10 lbs + a heavy set 15-20 lbs. You can also use water jugs at home, cans or kettle bells.

stability ball

A Stability Ball - A great tool for your core. This can also serve as a “bench” too for chest presses and arm exercises. I also love this for working the hamstrings!


You don’t need much to get started but investing $100 bucks and having a gym like feel can help keep you motivated without breaking the bank! I added all of the above linked items to my cart on Amazon and my total was $103.55, that’s .28 cents a day for the year to focus on your health at home! You can also run to TJ Maxx for great deals too! Plus, now a days there are unlimited videos online and apps you can follow and put that equipment to good use for free! I will also be posting home workouts using the five items listed above as well soon so make sure you subscribe to know when they post!

No excuses! Make it happen and start moving!