Kristen Crowley Live... Always ON!


Always on….. What does that mean to me? 

As a working mom that means we are literally….. always on! 

You have to be ready to manage the 10 balls up in the air… work, schedules, workouts, homework, meals, school functions and events with ease right? WRONG! 

We all stress ourselves out to the max. I have learned over time how to balance a crazy job in television, 19 hour days, my family and my health! 

It was not easy but it is doable! 

You have to focus on two things! 

Priorities and time management. 

Those two elements will make any task achievable and help keep you sane! 

I am always on because of my job but to be honest all of us are expected to “hold it down” 24/7. I have spent my entire life learning and testing ways to make things faster, easier! 

I created KRISTEN CROWLEY LIVE to bring everything I know and love into an online format for everyone to use. I want to help connect people with the best methods, products and experts to make living an amazing, healthy life easier! I truly hope you all join me on this journey of working together to make our crazy lives a bit more simple…..but still FABULOUS! 

My number one tip for today is to pick your priorities for 2019. What is your non-negotiable?

Next, write it down! 

Get a planner (my fave is by fit book) and make your list(s). You have to know where you are going so you don’t waste time fiddling around online (guilty) and stressing yourself out (also guilty).

 When you CHOOSE what your priorities are you WILL accomplish them. 

Commit to yourself and stop caring what everyone else wants or thinks you should do. 

As a parent my goal for my kids is that they do well in school and are not complete jerks. 

In my life my goals are my health and nutrition. 

If anything else comes up….. well….. it just takes a back seat until I get to it. 

Know your core goals and focus on them!

Here’s just a brief rundown of what you can expect this year via KRISTEN CROWLEY LIVE:

A new, fresh YouTube channel that features EVERYTHING you need to live a simple healthy life!

Blogs and products that you will ACTUALLY use and love!

Guests and experts weigh in on hot topics from food and drinks to fitness and business!

Recipes, meal prep ideas, nutrition, workouts and MORE! 

Get ready to crush 2019 my friends! You are stronger than you think! 

Join me on my journey to connect the dots and make it simple to live a healthy life.