Meal prep 101, set yourself up for success!


The New Year is in full swing and everyone is still rushing to the store to fill their carts with healthy goodness! [ I mean have you seen the ravaged produce departments the past couple weeks!]

So what happens when you get all of that produce home and become overwhelmed with trying to spend hours cooking? You quit doing it and go back to grabbing easy, processed foods. That’s right. Typically when something isn’t easy we just give up. Well, I don’t want you to do that so I am here to offer up MY go to solution to MAKE SURE you stay on track!

The answer? MEAL PREP BABY!

So gather your food containers, leafy greens and let’s do this!

The kitchen can be an intimidating space. I worked in the restaurant business for 15 years and have seen it all! I also learned a thing or two about time management and how crucial it is for success! So I have put together a meal prep printable for you to start with! I will be going into recipes and ideas throughout the next few months for you so subscribe to the Kristen Crowley Live YouTube channel now!

Step one….. Keep it simple! Start with one or two protein sources you actually like, three or four veggies, a few fruits and some fresh herbs and seasonings!

Read the labels! This is a big one! Avoid seasonings with excess additives! The shorter the ingredient list the better your body will digest it! Keep it real, if ya can’t pronounce it…ya shouldn’t be eating it!

Start by setting everything out on the counter at once so you can see it and work from the longest cook time to the shortest. A couple of things to keep in mind….. One protein can be used several ways and you don’t have to have breakfast food for breakfast! My personal fave in the mornings is ground meat sauteed with olive oil and veggies for breakfast! Super easy, cost effective and gives you the energy and good fats your brain and body NEED to start the day! Time your carbs prior to your workout and focus on protein and veggies for the rest of your meal. Egg cups are also great to do for breakfast! I will be doing a video on my fave combos soon!

meal prep cheat sheet